Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Anybody There?

Does anyone still read my sadly neglected blog?

If you do, then this may be the last post for the summer. School gets out for us the Friday! I couldn't be happier! I need some time off. I have next school years curriculum all lined up.

Here's what we do the last 2 weeks of school. (We don't seem to completely finish our books.) Once the kids get to a good stopping point like a test. If stopping in 1-2 weeks would mean stopping in the middle of a chapter/unit then we just stop. They use that time to "catch up" on some other subject. So DS is finishing a book for Lang Arts. DD her Math. We finished our History early and were filling it in with study the 1900's with a timeline and reading about the Oregon Trail.

I am going through their books and getting together a "list" of the subjects we've covered this year. Being our second year of HSing, I think I am just getting somethings. And since our DD will be in high school in two years, I know I need to start keeping better records. Anyone used a transcript maker?

Well, I do need to get going. I took a nap, from which I woke up more tired than when I laid down! Please be back in August to read more of our Homeschool adventures! And thanks for following us this year!