Monday, February 28, 2011

Open Book Test

When we took our kids out of public school they did not know how to learn.
For the most part, they would read, close the book and forget what they just read.
One of my big goals in homeschooling them would be to teach them to learn.

The best way I have found is to let them take their history tests open-book.
They look over the test.
Then I play the cd.
I pause as they need.
I "go back" as needed too.
While it is subtle, I have noticed that they are retaining more information this way.

What about you, do you have open-book tests?
How do you teach your kids to learn?

Friday, February 18, 2011

Good Intentions

Oh, I had such good intentions for you today.
Fridays are our science day.  They make for fun photos.
We had fun experiments and all.
We had no live batteries.

Also, I have had good intentions on posting at least once a month (I'd prefer more). 
It seems I am barely making it.

With that I will give you a quick run down of our homeschool life.
It is pretty much running the same.
Daughter finished her Writing Strands this morning.
-I don't think we will be doing any more of those.
I have my our Sonlight in for next school year.
-I got a $500+ core for $250!!!
I am on course and have a plan for dd's high school schedule, thanks to my friend Anne.
Daughter will entering the writing fair and we are trying to get an art fair going for son.
We actually had two snow days.
That was 2 weeks it's like 74!

We are also taking next week off.
My brother and his family are going to American Samoa to be missionaries.
We are their last stop before they leave.

Hopefully I will have something more interesting to say in March!