Friday, November 20, 2009

Unexcepted Lessons

2 1/2 years: what I have learned/gained from homeschooling.

Distraction come, you will work them and everything works out just fine.

They will get it. After struggling through math, needing me to sit there (even if it was just doing nothing) dear son is getting it on his own!!! He has even done math for fun!!

I am not super woman, nor do I want to be!

I really do love my kids.

I can get mad like never before...where did it come from.

After working on school in the morning, my brain is on auto pilot. (What did you just say?)

Mixing it up and not going by the book is fun! We did math and grammar yesterday. Then went for an hour walk looking for objects that make letters (Christmas presents), talking, getting our vitamin D. When Dad got home we drove out of town to hear a presentation on ghost towns in our area. DH was really excited about this! It was put on by the Historical Society in a Good Samaritan place. Let's just say that it was full of senior citizens. At the end the DS got interested enough to stop saying his stomach hurt and get into it. (Luckily hubby sat between son and I!!!)

There are things homeschool kids learn that aren't in the books.

People expect homeschool kids to be smarter...even if it's there first year of homeschooling.

People think you can rearrange your schedule any ole time.

People are always telling me "that would be a great lesson for the kids." Do they tell that to public school! And just for the record, while you mean well, I really do have enough to teach, thank you!

SO many moms tell me they couldn't do it. Chance are, you can. I am proof!

I have really learned a LOT about myself too! (Sorry, I will spare you the boring details!)

I know there is more that I have learned, but I know the kids are about ready for me, so I am off!

Have a great day!