Friday, March 27, 2009

Spring Break and Books

Ok, do I still even have any readers? It's been so long since I updated. Sorry! School has been going good. We are on Spring Break right now. Will be back to school on Monday. So we have gotten caught up on cleaning. (You know the deep stuff.)

I have ordered most of the curriculum for next school year! I am excited. The kids are like oh. Here's a quick break down of what we are going to be using. Sorry no linking. I'll do that later.
Math - Math-U-See
History-A good amount of living books from Beautiful Feet and Amazon (CM books) and some cd's/workbooks from Your Story Hour
Science-undecided still, but it will be hands on experiments
Geography-Beautiful Feet and amazon (CM books)
Grammar-Analytical grammar (one year course for C and 3 yr for J) (Simply CM)
Writing-free workbooks from another homeschooler!
Have timeline charts on history, science, composers, etc from Beautiful Feet
Spelling-(dictation too) Spelling Wisdom (simply CM)

I think that's it. We are almost done with this years History Alive. We all like it, but will probably wait to continue the next sections until they are older. I got 9 history books from the library at under $.10 each!!! So we'll use those when we are done with History Alive.They are century books. they break down the 1900's in ten year sections. Also, a lady from church, who HS'd her boys is giving us a full set of encyclopedias!! J LOVES encyclopedias! He takes them to bed to read, seriously!

When I get my schedule written out for next year, I'll post it for you guys.

That's all for now.

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