Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Grammar, What Grammar?

Day three and we are starting to find the kinks.

I have forgotten to do grammar two days in a row!
I have to do refresher sheets for DS in math. The info's there, just needs to be dug up.
DD and science are not clicking.
History seems to be working...well, for DS. DD said that she needs to let her brain warm up first. (We are doing history last!) As to when will it warm up, after DS answers the questions. Hmmm... He is the one taking notes.
Our days are longer and I don't know how to fit it all in. We are going to keep at this pace until we know if we can do some subjects every other day.
Geography will be M-W-F. We are ahead of schedule on that.
Spelling wisdom M & W.
Fri I want to do the "main" subjects then add the "extras" in.
We are also doing Expository Writing. Joy! The kids don't think writing is fun. But as a keeper of three blogs, I rather enjoy writing! I'd like to write everyday. We'll see.

I hope your school day is going smooth!

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