Monday, October 19, 2009

Teaching While Sick

We all have been sick for about two weeks here. The flu.

We have had no school all last week. But will start back today, albeit late.

With this in mind, as I am still a bit stuffed and blowing my nose, I wanted to write about teaching while sick.

I remember the first year of homechooling, I got sick one day and had to teach from the couch. Poor son, was so good about bringing his books to me, etc. I remember thinking, yikes, I wish I could call in a sub! But quickly knew I was the mom, the teacher, the janitor, the coach and the sub. I was it! I also felt more pressure to do school every day. (Whereas, I know now that I can skip a day here and there and will make it up later.) Last year wasn't too bad.

This year, so far has had enough sick days. So since the kids are feeling better. I will pull up my rolling chair, have cough drops in my pocket and tissue within reach and teach!

What do you do when you are sick?

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Anne of Alamo said...

I haven't had the I'm dying sickies...and hoping I won't...we had one really sick son;Gman. He slept the whole day, and we schooled. But it felt weird without him.
I think I would have them do math, Eric could do everything I do, probably better....ha ha