Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Come Along Way

What you can see in this photo...
A lone boy in a tree house doing his work (math).
My dirty windows...I had to sneak this photo from our kitchen.
The mug of coffee (flavored milk) I made him. He was up late with his dad last night.
A boy who is comfortable and confident at what he is doing. What you don't see...
The steam that is coming from his nose.
A boy who, when we first started homeschool, struggled with math and needed me to sit right by him, even if I wasn't helping.
The tears and frustration that happened along the past three years.
A happy mom behind the camera!

Don't give up! This photo was three years in the making!


Jeni Hopewell said...

Very inspiring!! You've both obviously come a long way. Good for you!

Carrie Schmeck said...

Stumbled upon your blog at Homeschool Lounge. Similar story and reasons for homeschooling. My son is 13 and now in 8th grade. We started hsing last spring. I love this post because I am already seeing these results, one week into our first "real" homeschool year. He is remembering math he struggled with last year; he is reading on his own (without being forced); and is generally approaching his work with greater confidence. I think the few months of "detox" last spring where we played it very low-key were super helpful. Thanks for The Homeschool Regel, where I ramble about our experiences.

Carrie Schmeck said...

That last bit should say, Thanks for sharing your journey. I also have a blog called...The Homeschool Regel. Don't know what happened there. :-)