Friday, October 1, 2010

Living History Days

We went to the mountains today for Living History Days.
I really liked it.
The kids...gave me a shoulder shrug.
Son wanted more hands on stuff.
We ended up hooking up with another group. 
I knew the mom from public school.
It was nice to see her.

Here is a frig in a caboose!
You had to put a bag of cold water in the top.
 You have to read the writing on the wall...the second part.
(when you flush, it all goes out, right onto the track or whatever)
Did you know that a caboose can go either way.  You can move these vents inside depending on which way you are going.
 Son looking at a toy train set up of the mountains.

Learning about wool.
Funny thing...the man said that this wool is clean.  The girl with her hand on her hip said "CLEAN!".
The cost of a homemade sweater from scratch (starting with the wool on the table) $5,000!
It would take a week to make thread out of one pound of wool.

Homemade butter.
 Adding machine.

This trapper is 250 years old! 
Those are real furs!
The trappers would trade horses, furs, etc. for women, to be their wives.
The women did a good deal of the heavy work too.
We also learned about blacksmiths and Harvey Girls. (and here)
Son said this was the best part!

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