Saturday, November 6, 2010

They Need to be Around Other People

We, as you, have gotten the, "They need to be around other people and get out of the house", more then once.
We have also gotten the, "They need to be around other people besides your church people."

While I understand, and somewhat agree, I know they people are not seeing the whole picture.

At public school they see and are exposed to:
good kids
bad kids
kids who get into trouble
kids who are into drugs (our kids are older)
and so on, you know
They are around all kinds of adults as well.
They are around different types of people from different walks of life.
People who aren't like you.

In church they see and are exposed to:
good kids
bad kids (yes, even in church)
kids who get into trouble (These ones they know personally and are more affected by it)
people who are on drugs, most who get delivered
couples who were shacking up getting it right and getting married
Last night in revival, we had a scitzophrenzic (sp?) get saved and prayed for.
They see all walks of life.
People who aren't like you working together.

They go on outreach and meet all types.
They go to the grocery store, etc. and see and interact with all types.
They volunteer, etc.

I really could go on.

Are our kids sheltered?  Yes, but they were before public school.
Are our kids at home a lot?  Sort of, but that is part of the point.
Do I feel our kids are missing out, not too often.

Sorry for the rant.


Between You and Me said...

the "socialization" part of the debate on whether to homeschool or not is old.

the socialization my kids got in public school wasn't the good kind.

we've been homeschooling for three years and love every minute of it.

I don't homeschool to shelter them...I homeschool them to teach and guide them through the moments in life when they need me there beside them.

Unless you stay at home 24/7, your kids will experience the world...we homeschool so that when they experience new things, good or bad, I am there to talk it through with them.

no regrets.
homeschooling was the best decision of my life outside of choosing Jesus and my husband.
...even on the hard days!
love your blog. :)

Pressed Petals said...

Welcome BY&M. I read your blog often. So glad to have you here. Thanks for your comment. It is very timely and needed!