Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Few "Myths"

Since, we've started homeschooling we've come across some misconceptions about homeschooling life, albeit, most of them honest. This by no means is a rant (though I wanted to at times), only a clearing up of sorts. I totally understand that HSing is still very new to a lot of people.
1. No, our kids do not wear their pj's all day.
(I know some HSers do.) They have to get dressed before we start school. I am in my pj's for the first half of school...long story.
2. Yes & No, our kids get to sleep in. On most days I get them up at the same time. If they are sick or had a late night then I can let them sleep in a bit as needed.
3. Yes, we go to the public library to check out books. Someone, honestly, asked if for our library days we check out books from our own bookshelves. Honey, we are at the public library that they know us by name!
4. Yes, we get done most days by noon.
5. Yes, our kids get out and are able to socialize.
6. Won't it hurt them being around "Mom" all day? Our son benefited from being at home with "Mom" all day. When we brought him home from public school he actually became more boyish.
7. "Wow! I wish I was homeschooled. So I could play all day." Our kids have heard that more then once. For the record, they do get to play more then they did when in PS but they also have more chores and they have a full school load as well.
8. No, they don't have homework. Or you could say, it's all homework.
9. Yes, you can get an F. But it is rare and we can go over it right then and there, take time to relearn it. You do have to score higher the get A's, B's, etc.
There is probably more, but I won't labor you any further!


Denise said...

I appreciate your thoughts Christine.

I think home schooling gets a bum wrap. Unfortunately, I know several families who "homeschool" or rather, "unschool" and I think that these are the families that people are talking about when they make comments to hard working home schoolers like you and your family.

There are many reasons to homeschool, and although I don't think it's for me...I could see it coming to a point where I might feel that need...then heaven help us all!!! LOL!

Good for you for putting this out there.

Anne of Alamo said...

so..........we want the long story to why you are in your
oh my...tears in my eyes...I am giggling...
are you sure you arn't doing this because it is easier...woo hoo...
ha ha
have a blast on vaca! we will be so close yet so far away..weird!

Karin Katherine said...

I wrote a similar type post on my Mommy Matters Blog website! Thanks for sharing your many running around there isn't there?