Wednesday, November 5, 2008

History Alive!

We had a long day today. Really needed to get things done. The kids are still working on history. (it's 1:40) We are at the end of Egypt & the Exodus. Here are a couple of shots of them working on history. J's painting the parting of the Red Sea.
(sorry for the slant here.) C is doing a comic strip on the confrontation between Pharaoh and Moses.
I will post pictures of the finished products.
They have also been studying presidents. We found a great book at the library. They each picked one newer/older president and tell me about them. This is not for grades, just for learning, familiarizing, etc. I want to them to learn to learn, if that makes sense. Just knowing facts is one thing, but if you know how to learn then you can learn anything.
I think J is really getting the concept of multiplication!! Seems like we have been doing so much that our brains hurt!

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