Monday, January 12, 2009

Man, I have been so busy to even blog about our HS adventures! Sorry! We started back to school last Mon. Things have been going pretty smooth! Yeah! We are reading *So Far From Home* from the Dear America series. DS & I are reading *The Trumpet of the Swan*(DD loves to listen along). I am slowly easing into CM. We have started studying Mary Cassatt. Next week I think I'll bring in poetry.
This morning DS wanted to skip ahead a few pages, in math, to the test. Okay sure, if you think you're ready. He did the first half. The second half totally stumped him. He knows how to do it. He just thinks too much and then forgets everything. Long story short. We closed our books. I took a shower then we went for a bike ride. DD does NOT like bike riding at all. So we cut my regular route a bit short. Poor thing has NO fat to burn, but muscles that need to be built. DS has been riding with DH on much harder rides then mine, so he was wanting to go longer. Again our DC are so different. We are on lunch break and will go back to Lang. Arts and Mary Cassatt after.

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