Saturday, January 24, 2009

OK, these are backwards. Yesterday, school went well and the weather was just too nice to stay home. So we walked to the zoo. It was about a 30 minute walk. We were outside for alittle more than two hours! We actually got sweaty! These are some photos from the zoo and the walk there.

The monkeys are always a fave! This one is actually watching DS. He even did a dance for him. The kids call him Elvis! J was really interested in the swan. We just finished reading The Trumpet of the Swan. Just a sign on the way. The buildings in the window look like an old western! Actually the street in the window is the original downtown. It has some neat buildings.

Our performing arts center.

The house is a constant remodel. It was the school district building (I think). Some guy has been remodeling it into a house (I think). This is one of the gates to the house. I always like driving by and seeing what's been added.

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