Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I have some curriculum recommendations for you.

The first one is for the kids, but will greatly help the parent/teacher as well.

Math-U-See Is so worth the money. We have been using it for a little more than two weeks now. The curriculum comes with student book, teacher book and test book. They are VERY user friendly. It also comes with a DVD where Steve Demme teaches you the teacher how to teach the next lesson. Our kids watch it with me. Every time we've watched it we've said, "Oh!" or, "Ah!" Math really makes sense. I can't recommend this enough. I'd even suggest it to non-homeschoolers. If your child is struggling in math this would be a great tool to help them. They have free demos online so you can get an idea of the lessons. They also have manipulatives to use that make sense too.

The second one is for parents/teachers.

Dianne Craft Teaching the Right Brained Child. (I have a test under the labels to find out more about right/left brain.) I cannot say enough good about this way of teaching! Our DS is more right brained. And let me tell you these techniques work! (Also, look under lessons in my labels.)
Now this is not curriculum. It is a teaching DVD with book.

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