Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Our Wall

I was thinking of repainting our walls, but I think this one will have to wait. It seems to be getting covered up. This is our dining room wall. As you can see it is also our main homeschool wall too. On it we have multiplication facts in colored story form, chemical formulas in colors (which I think only DD can read, she wrote them on teenage graphics), a calendar, the alphabet in cursive (as the kids need to write almost all in cursive now and we need the occasional reminder of how a letter should look), the ever essential dry erase board, and two maps for geography.
Last year we also had the US presidents running along the top of the wall. What does you wall look like?

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Anne of Alamo said...

you inspired me...and I just cleaned out classroom and rearranged, so I took pics and have it up on my blog..but pray first, it is all organized and stuff..but know I am overwhelmed, it just looks good! okay... :)