Monday, December 20, 2010

end of the year confessions

I have a new follower?  How can that be when I never post?   Anyway, welcome, so glad to have you.

This school year I have struggle with more than just keeping up with this blog.
I have wondered and pondered more then once if I need to send the kids back to public school next school year.

Here's why (honest reasons):
*I want more "me" time.  Not that the kids at grades 9 and 7 need me all too much.  However, I am sure you all know exactly what I mean. 
*I am bored with most of the stuff we have.  I realize that it can't and won't all be fun.  We did something out of the ordinary the other day and that really reminded me what I loved about homeschool.  I need to step out of the books more often.  I don't want to short change them if I am not into it anymore.
*Since the kids are in 9th and 7th I feel if they were in PB school that they would have more opportunities (electives).  I have asked them if they want to do this or that and no, they are doing what they want for the most part.
*The kids get really tired of being around each other all of the time.  We have gotten them "into" separate activities outside the home, which helps some.
*Sometimes the task of searching for the right curriculum is daunting.  Where we live we are pretty much on our own.  Which is nice, but you really have to do a lot of leg work.
I have talked to two other homeschooling moms that I respect and one says keep them home and the other says to put them back in for one year and see.  I know a mom who homeschooled for two years then pbschooled for one and so on.

How do you stay motivated?