Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The PE Dilemma

We have a dilemma in our house/school.
Physical Education is lacking.

While we are fairly active, son being very active, our daughter is not so much.

This is her 9th grade year and she needs PE credits (2 years worth!).  So I have been trying to fit it in, keeping track of all of the pysical activities she does.

This morning was a melt down.
Calisthenics was our course of action.
The floor was dirty.
The exercises were DUMB.
The leg lifts just too hard.

She took an F for today.

She did redeem herself somewhat by riding her bike for an errand.

Do you have a reluctant PE student?
What do you do?


Anonymous said...

Wii Fit Plus or Wii Active Life!
My high school students (actually all the kids) love these and fit at least keeps track of time spent on your work out. Another nice thing is it doesn't matter the weather. The Active Life games are harder and you get a better work out. Also you can compete against each other, but the fit has yoga, strength, balance, and aerobics.
Where PE has always been hard before with the Wii it is easy and my kids love it!

Pressed Petals said...

we have talked about this. we don't have a tv. i think there are adapters for the computer though. Thanks for your help.