Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Why a second blog? I have so much to say! Hahaha! I really wanted a seperate place for my homeschool "diary". This will be pretty much about homeschool stuff. I will still have Pressed Petals up and running. But that is becoming more and more my digiscrapping blog.

Day 3 - Today went good too. The math is way too easy for C thus far. We are hoping that the start to get harder here real soon. We are using Alpha Omega. She has taken two Self Tests already with A's. J's doing good too. He is working faster, thank God! History is awesome! We are using History Alive! by Diane Waring. Let me tell you it does come alive and come together. It's very christain based and starts at Creation to Christ. We just finished Noah Ark.

Since we've started HS this year, I have a real peace about it all. I know that I will need to hold on to that in days to come.

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jeepmama said...

We used AO last year and really liked it. Good luck to you...keep praying--God will send you what you need!