Thursday, August 28, 2008

I'm back! Sorry to be MIA for awhile. I've been fighting this weird flu bug for a bit now. So by the time I do the basics I'm beat. Today, so far so good. We are on our lunch break, so I'm sneaking in here to post. School's going good. We still spend a long time on math. However, math and language are very important so I am very willing to go over, recheck, rework problems until they know them. J in going over "America" by Samuel Francis Smith in language, so we've learned the first verse of that song. They kids thought it was very funny when I sang it to them. Thank you Grandma M for teaching me patriotic songs!!

Funny, both kids have covered pronouns, and how they replace nouns, etc. We have gone over Roman Numerals again. It's good for me. I never really knew them. Still doing long division with C. She has finished two units already!! One unit should take about a month. Unit 3 has geometry/algebra, etc. I'm really thinking of getting math on video for her next year, to help with the harder stuff. J is covering animals in science. He is in Unit 2. C will take her unit test tomorrow in science (I think). It seems like someone is almost always testing. They have been getting A's & B's on their tests! (The scoring is higher with their schooling. Ex. They have to score a 94% to get an A.) It really is amazing how we get anything done. It seems like we laugh so much and get sidetracked.

You know I was thinking in the shower (my time by myself), how I am really enjoying being a mom again. Don't get me wrong, I've always loved it, but not always enjoyed it. But being with the kids all day really helps me to know them and to watch them grow. It's something I can't really explain.

I do have more to say, but I need to get back to school for history.

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