Friday, September 5, 2008


Man, it's been awhile since I've posted. Sorry. Things are going good in the homeschool world. Math doesn't take as long for one kid and as long for the other. But they are getting it! Yesterday, we watched Sarah Palin's speech. The kids watched Obama's speech the day after he gave it. I'm going to be honest here. We do talk politics and they know where R & I stand and who we side with. When we watched the speeches and I kept quiet unless they had a question. I wanted them to make up their own minds. They were bored with Obama's and didn't like it. Frankly, they were kind of down afterwards. They didn't understand a lot of what he said. As for Sarah Palin, they liked it much better. One of them even commented during her speech, "This is much more interesting the Barrak's." Near the end of her speech I asked if they wanted to keep watching or stop. They wanted to keep watching. Not so with Barrak's. Today we will watch McCain's speech. I don't think we'll watch the whole thing as I've heard it's like an hour long. I think just from their reactions to the speeches they would be McCain voters. (Which R & I are) I must confess that they probably are biased towards him due to all of the talks we've had about issues and where the candidates stand.

On another point, we had a "Teacher In service day" yesterday. I had so much I needed to do and really didn't feel like teaching. So we had a day off. Today it's back to the books.

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Anne of Alamo said...

I wanted to throw a recommendation for Fred Thompson speech on Tuesday.
It was really touching and is a biography of John McCain. It was very inspiring!