Friday, March 12, 2010


Today we had s new family in our little homeschool group!  That is always good. 

They made me think of how different each lady (and a few men) are in our group of moms.

Let me intorduce you to them:  (sorry I don't have any photos)

H: she is a long standing homeschooler and one of the regulars.  She has, I think 9 children.  The first half were girls and the second half boys.  She has been at this for like 20 years!  She is a true talker, wears no shoes (unless it's very cold out) and no bra.  She doesn't shave and, yes, eats natural food (you knew it was coming).  Her husband works for the public schools!

C: she is another regular.  She has two kids close to our kids ages.  Really sweet lady, talks to everyone and remembers your name (the kid's names too).  C & H meet even in the summer!  Her husband puts in septic tanks.  She keeps the books for him.  They own horses.  DD plays piano.  Her DD and my DD are pretty close and the most alike out of the girls.  C's hair always looks nice and she is put together type of a lady.  Christian woman.

Then there is mom a (I don't know her name.)  She had a bunch of kids too, most of them are grown.  Nice, eats good food, brings healthy snacks.  Comes every now and then.

L:  She was one of the first ladies I talked to when I first started homeschooling.  REALLY helped me.  Talking to her gives me peace...she settles my spirit.  I actually run into her more at the library then at the PE group.  She has three kids.  Her DD is super nice, dresses like a modern little house on the prairie, braided pig tails and all (she's 17).

Mom b:  has two kids, comes fairly often, she more drops her kids off or they drive themselves.  DH smokes and hangs out along the fence.

T: the PE teacher, scout mom, tall athletic type.  She has been at this for awhile too.  I haven't talked to her much.  Though when I have she has been nice.  She is pretty serious and has things together.  Without her we'd have no PE.

Then there's the new family.  C & A have two kids, one much older then the other.  They just started HSing and just moved here.  They are REALLY into it.  They are for real rcokers, have records, fans, toured the whole bit!  He has tatoos.  She had really cool Doc Martins!  Anyway, I am getting sidetracked.  Really nice folks.  Their DD and my DD hit it off today.  She may end up giving our DD singing lessons!  (Answer to prayer!)  I told my DH that they would have hit it off.
  My DH loves to paint ball--C loves to paintball
  My DH is a "rocker"--C plays the bass in their band (I play bass in our band)
  MY DH sings/plays guitar--A. sings/plays guitar
  I have to stop myself from rescuing dogs--A has the same problem
  I have always wanted to adopt--A takes in kids
There are a few more things that they are alike.  I hope to see more of them.

Then there's DH and I.  Dh comes sometimes on his Fridays off.  He usally comes as he is, in his work clothes, or something similar.  He'll play with the kids who are "straglers" (sp?).  Me, well you know me.

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