Thursday, March 11, 2010

Why I Love Homeschooling

Somedays I would rather be by myself or just not have school, but then our son does this and reminds me of why I homeschool and love it.
He rounded up some scrap wood that was in the yard and put together this scooter.
He was getting rid of his skateboard.
He used the wheels for his scooter. 
(My idea...I earned some "Cool" mom points there!)

Science offers some fun photo opportunities.
Here the kids are learning about camoflouge (sp?) and animals use it to save them from getting eaten.
We use a Reason for Science and really like it.  I had to bring DD in a lower grade. 
So DS and DD use the same book.
They had to color toothpicks.
Then throw them in the yard and try to find them.
Can you see it?  It a green one.
Here they are looking for some more.  I think they found them all.
Notice the reason DD loves homeschool!


elysabeth said...

That toothpick is hard. Especially if you color it brown or green and throw in a green yard or dirt yard. Awesome. Great job on the scooter. It makes a difference when you know the kids are actually progressing and doing things that students in public schools would never think to do. Way to go on that.

I am following the homeschool buzz blog and that's how I found you. With a title on a posting like - Why I Love Homeschooling, one has to stop by and check it out. LOL - E :)

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alamama said...

C is wearing slippers.J.