Thursday, August 26, 2010

Another One Bites the Dust

As the commerical goes..."No more tears."

Analytical Grammar is done for.  As I told you, it is a three year course.  DD did it in one year.  DS started his second, and forgot just about everything he learned from last year!!  And there is no way he is going to reread all of that and neither am I.  This is a building thing, so you have to remember what you learned.  In all honesty, much of it is way over the top and just not that practical, unless you plan on being an editor, english teacher or the like.  So, it is going in the trash!

He is still learning grammar through Wordly Wise.  Which I use as their spelling too. 

They are not to hip on the Creative Expression part of Sonlight.  This is frustrating for me.  Writing was my outlet in school.  So when they look at me like deer in the headlights, I get stuck.  Imagine you were someone, somewhere far, far away.  Time travel even.  Tell us your story, what happened, where'd you go, what did you do? On and on...the kids, well, they say, I don't get it!  I think I am going to have to help them think.  Break things down even more for them.  They are beginning to not like writing.  Now, don't get me wrong DS has an imagination...a very vivid one.  It's just putting all of that onto paper.  DD is well, more of think in the box sort.

We also started DS in the Boys and Girls Club.  Turns out he really needs more socialization ( I know I may have opened a can of worms here.) then I can give him.  I thought DD would be the one who needed it more.  Funny how things are.  Anyway, it was hubby's idea.  I had some reservations.  DS did not want to go.  However, he LOVES and I mean LOVES it!  He can't wait for 3 ish to come.  He is one of the oldest there, but it's fine with him.  He comes home much nicer and respectful. 

Thanks Tuttle for your well wishes and prayers.

If you read and have your own blog, I would love to read about you and your adventures.

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