Monday, August 30, 2010

Peanuts and Elevators

Life Science
Science you can eat, burn, ferment.
Food energy and nutrients.

(Tuttle, the failed {sort of} experiment was supposed to be: Respiration.  To explore how seeds use energy and oxygen.)  A few of the seeds started to open, but that was that.  It ended up stinking.

Elevators- A Writing Lesson
The kids are having a hard time with the Creative Expression in the Sonlight.
So, I came up with this for now.
I picked the topic Elevators.
Day one: Describe what youe elevator is like.  Smells, looks, feels, sounds, etc.
Day two: What is going on inside your elevator?  Outside? 
This is what we have so far.  These are just sketches, therefore sloppiness is allowed! :)
Day three:  I will think about that tonight in bed!

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Jarrod & Heather said...

Oh dear! It has been a long time since I've visited my Google Reader. But I went straight your blog! It's been wonderful to catch up a bit.

The failed respiration experiment doesn't surprise me. It is a difficult one to do. I had problems w/ my AP Bio students & that lab. I often would give them 'good' sample data to work up along w/ our 'bad' data.

I've heard from a few mom's around our area that they often switch curriculum from Sonlight to something else when the kids get to upper middle & HS - if they keep them home. Hooked on Schoolhouse is one common one used. I'm very blessed that there is a large Home Schooling community here - we even have a shared online message board & etc. through My Family.

We're getting through P4/5 w/ DS (5 yrs old this month). He's reading now & we just started handwriting. He's doing fabulously. I think of you often when we starting talking about Geography - your large world map on the wall. So very cool! I have to say Home Schooling is a challenge right now. Trying to fit it in while the twins nap in the morning & then reading while the twins & DD (2.5 yrs) naps in the afternoon. WOW! You are an AMAZING Mom & Teacher!! All the glory to God! Take care!