Wednesday, August 4, 2010

This Years Line Up

We have used a number of curriculum over the fews years.  Some we are keeping and others, well, they didn't work for us.  Here's what we are using this year.

Math-U-See:  Keeper!  It works great for both kids and for me.  I can't say enough about it.  I have recommended it to other people who love it as well.

A Reason for Science:  Keeper!  It comes with everything you need!  We are going to be doing 7th and 8th grade this year.  There are only 36 lesson per year.  Both kids are doing this together.  DD was having a hard time getting science.  DS gets it easier.  So I lowered her two grades and teach them together.  By the end of this year DD wil only be one year "behind" and DS will be one year "ahead".  This curriculum only goes up to the 8th grade.

Analytical Grammar:  DS will keep on working on his grammar.  It is a three year (6th-8th) course.  DD was able to do it in one year.   It is a pretty intense course.  When they are done with it they should "know" all the grammar they need.

Sonlight: Core 7 for history, geography, current events, writing, bible, etc.  Again, both kids will be using this.  This will be our first year with Sonlight.  Have heard many wonderful things about it.  I finished reading through my instructor's giude and I think I got it.  We'll have to work out how they are going to share the books.  From the looks of it, I know I am going to love the books.  We have read some of them already.

Wordly Wise 7 and 9:  This is through Sonlight.  I think you can get it other places.  It will be our spelling (ha...I just spelled that wrong...twice!).  I am sure DD will have no problems.  Spelling is one of her best subjects.  I often have her look over the things I write.

We don't have set electives.  The kids "do their own thing" here.  They each play an instrument...drums and guitar.  DD takes singing lessons and spends her time making movies (really small videos).  She also volunteers at a local thrift store once week.  DS is always doing something, drawing, building, sports (not with any group), he has a garden.  They both "dress up" and do skits, which are video taped and then DD makes then into videos.  We like to let them come up with their own stuff here.  It is probably more on the lines with what they will do in real life anyway.

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Patti said...

We're trying k-12 this year...nervous about it, but it's FREE ;) I've heard great things about will be fun to follow your blog and share homeschooling adventures together!