Saturday, December 20, 2008

As you know long division has been a bit of a bear for DS. I have tried many different things. Anyway, the light has come on!!! I believe he's gotten it! Here he is working out the problem.
Notice it's money...which used to throw him.
Did I do it right?.....

YES!!!!! This makes it all worth it!

In other news. My dear friend, Anne wanted to to print out the Word by Word Story that the kids and I wrote.
The Mad Scientist Strikes Again
Today when I opened the window I saw that our yard was very, very strange. A man was wearing a purple hat, with a bag that stunk up the whole neighborhood. He was standing in a boiling pool from sobbing because he lost his book about bombs. Then he started banging on our door. I did not know why he was doing this thing. My dogs and the neighbors had noticed the smell and came to my rescue. When they came they captured the strange man. he went to the kitchen to tell why he had put the bomb in the tree to see what would happen. He was sorry that he was going to blow up the tree. We invited him over for chicken. The End.
This is what happens when you put a 10 yo boy, 12 yo girl and a mom together to write a story! LOL!! Again, this game is only to get the kids to love, interested in writing. we didn't correct spelling, etc.

We just did another writing game. The name escapes me.
Here's how it works:
Everyone thinks of something (animal, place, food)
Then we ask each other questions that can only be answered with Yes or No.
For example:
Subject is places. Q. Do you have to fly to your place?
Subject animal: Q. Does your animal have fur?
They wanted to do this game for awhile. We did 3 subjects.
Next we may try an arguing game. (Which they've been doing lately.)
In this game you have to argue your point. There is a judge.
You pick a topic ex. why Dogs/Cats make a better pet.
Then each of you write down 10 or so reasons to prove your point.
The judge then picks the winner.

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Anne of Alamo said...

I can't wait to read this to the kids tomorrow...we are doing our story on Monday...I'll post it for C and J!