Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A Few Projects to Do!

We are still here! I haven't forgot about you. I wanted to show you a few projects that the kids just did. The first one is a homemade Planetarium. It was for C's science but J wanted to make one too. Here's what you need:
Empty/clean salt carton or hot cocoa can, etc.
Nails of different sizes

Draw the constellations, stars (dots) on the bottom of can. (If using salt carton, you'll have to cut one end off.)
Use hammer and nails to make the hole for the stars.
When you're done shine the flashlight into the can. If using metal can you'll need to shine the light to the side of the can.

Was great fun. We're going to save it for a show and tell with other homeschoolers.

Next is a writing game.
It's called Word by Word. I got the idea from a library book.
Here's how it works. This is only to encourage kids to write so don't correct the spelling.

Works best with small group.

You'll need:
Writing paper

You start off by picking your title. Helps keep you focused on what to write about.
Each person takes turns rolling the die.
Whatever number you get is the number of words you can write.
So, J rolls a four, he writes four words. C rolls a one she adds one word. Then I roll a six and a write six words. Clear as mud?

It took us two days to write our story...The Mad Scientist Strikes Again. J had great fun and rolled right along with it. C who is 12 wanted to write her own thing. So she had a bit of trouble with being limited to what and how much she could write.

And last but not least is Solomon's Temple, made only as a ten year old will, with LEGOS!! What else is there?! This was for history. Picture by J too.

Oh, C made a very yummy cake (milk and honey) for her history project. I need to take a picture for you before we eat it all!

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