Thursday, December 4, 2008

We interrupt...

We interrupt this scheduled clothesline post o actually talk about homeschool! We have changed things up a bit since vacation and it's working out great! Before we tried to do all of the subjects each day. Now we are doing "Block Scheduling" and really like it. So, every day we do Bible. M/W/F is Math and Lang. Arts, T/Th is Science and History. Doing math & science on the same day was too much. We do more work on each subject and everything is running very smooth. J actually is looking forward to doing Math and LA tomorrow! WOW!

Also, for his science we started a sketchbook. He had a hard getting a lot of the last few lessons. So we are doing a major review. So instead of Q&A he is making a book of his science facts.
Ex. Science (ecology) is the Web of Life, so he made a big web with yarn in his book. He has a chart of decomposers, consumers, producers & predators, etc. You get the idea. He LOVES it!

C is learning astronomy, and the night sky has been neat to watch. With Jupiter and Venus lined up under the moon. She is tracking star patterns in her book right now for about 30 days. We will check the same part of the sky every ten days to see how it changes.

Now, I must get off so I can take pics of them making their gingerbread house!

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Anne of Alamo said...

excellent idea with the block scheduling
I am glad it is working...and excited about the nite skies..did you know there is free telescope use (star parties) at Oliver Lee and up at the space hall every month...
HUGE telescopes people set up for amateurs to look thru and ask questions..?? a good group of folks!