Monday, December 22, 2008

Mama Grinch

It's the first day of Christmas Vacation for the public schools here and probably all over America. Here at our house...We are having school (part of the time). I know, I know. So for the next two weeks I am the Grinch!! They will have days off, just not a full two weeks.

So in honor of my Grinchiness, here's a song for ya!

You're a mean one Mama Grinch.

You make your kids do school.

How could you be so evil.

How could you be so crueeeelll!

Mama Grinch!!


Anne of Alamo said...

I am singing with you Grinch mom! As soon as the chores are done, we are doing math...ha ha...public school is out, but their brains are not! J and C, feel better knowing that the P'tilli kids are slaving over
math, science and doing mavis beacon typing also the whole vacation, they have Christmas, the day after and maybe New Years off...(haven't decided) and if the math is a struggle, 25 problems even on Saturday...mwha ha ha..I a have a tiny little grinch heart woo hoo

Mom W. said...

I applaud what your doing, keep it up. Mom W.