Thursday, December 18, 2008

Using the Force!!

The kids and I did our first "Nature Walk" yesterday. It went okay. They were not all to excited about it. I am slowly implementing the Charlotte Mason Method. Anyway, here's a photo I took of the Sleeping Indian. We also collected seeds that we will put into our nature book today.
Onto math. I am going to order Math-U-See for both kids today!! DS is really having a hard time with long division. So I took a step back the other day a went back to simple division. But this time we used the "force"!!! Haha! We used Legos and Star Wars Legos as manipulatives. He had a blast. I told him that there were so many kids and there was so many Legos. Divide the legos amongst each kid. We did have remainders too.


Michele said...

That is a beautiful pic. That is what I wanted for the background of our Christmas picture but didn't know where to go to get that view.

The force is strong with this one!!

Me said...

HAHAHAHA!!! I knew you'd leave a comment for this one! Young Jedi!

Mom W. said...

Whats the force? Your pictures are outstanding. Keep up the great work.

Love Mom W.